Huitres Fine et Speciale de claire

Between land and ocean, the secret that gives the oyster its unrivalled reputation of being subtle and well balanced

Huitres Vendéennes du Large Fines Speciales de claire

huîtres Vendéennes du large écosystème exceptionnel

Les Vendéennes du Large – Fines de Claire et Spéciales de Claire Oysters from the Vendée region

The bay of Bourgneuf’s exceptional ecosystem provides a perfect environment for the development of top quality Fines and Speciales de claire oysters. In this region, oyster farming combines farming at sea and refining for a period of time in the shallow clay ponds, called Claires. Located under sea level, the Claires are filled in by sea water according to the tides.

The result is a more balanced and less salty oyster.

  • 6 hectares at sea divided between 2 specific areas
    • First area is identified as being the best for the first stage of the development: The spat is put in bags and laid on racks in an area South of the bay where they will be above water when tidal coefficients reach 70. This allows for a slow growth of approximately 18 months.
    • Once the oysters reach the age of 18 months old, they are moved to a second area, North of the bay, where they will be exposed to swell in an environment richer in nutrients – ideal for the finishing stage, resulting in “meatier” oysters.
  • 2 hectares of Claires split into 6 Claires for the refining stage with a density of 3kg of oysters/m2
  • 100% Local production of Fines  and Speciales de claire oysters  (Rare practice in oyster farming): From the rigorous selection of the spat in the Vendée region to the finished product for a high quality product  and minimising carbon footprint
  • Triploid “creuses” Oysters: A Commercial advantage as the oyster does not produce a « milky » substance in the summer. It retains the same quality all year round, therefore opening new markets
  • Respect of natural growth rate – Les Spéciales de Claire are more than 3 years old
  • Quality control and traceability of every batch at every stage and bacteriological analysis twice a month

Tasting notes:

Fine: Marine flavours and delicate flesh

Spéciale: Generous flesh, slightly sweet notes of terroirs

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