Huîtres Fines et Spéciales de claire

Traditional know-how and meticulous selection.

Parc a Huitres Vendeennes du large

Les Vendéennes du Large – Fines de Claire et Spéciales de Claire Oysters from the Vendée region

« Les Vendéennes du Large » is a family-run business owned by Mathieu Rondenay. Located between the Pointe of Préfaille and the Island of Noirmoutier, the Bay of Bourgneuf is a perfect place for oyster farming. The fresh water and mineral salts of the Loire River and the Breton marsh contribute to optimalphytoplankton growth, essential for the natural development of the oysters.

The Vendée and Marennes Oleron are the two basins in France known for their use of shallow clay ponds, « Claires », to refine the oysters at the finishing stage – producing a more balanced and less salty oyster.

The Vendée basin is not as well known as Marennes Oleron, however, it enjoys a growing reputation for producing top quality Claires oysters.

Mathieu is committed to an eco-responsible farming approach and local economic growth :

  • From the selection of the spat to the finished product, combined with local know-how and expertise, « Les Vendéennes du Large » oysters are 100% from the Vendée region, guaranteeing 100% traceability and quality.

Several times awarded at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris, «Les Vendéennes du Large » oysters reflect traditional know-how and meticulous selection.

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