Wester Ross salmon have one of the world’s best “feed-conversion ratios” (less than1:1 FCR) greatly reducing dependency on the use of wild fish in fishmeal.

WESTER ROSS is Scotland’s oldest independently operated salmon farm.

  • Being independent means farming how we think best:
  • In harmony with the natural environment
  • Reducing pressure on wild fish through innovative fish feed
  • Giving the fish room to grow up healthy without antibiotics
  • Championing the welfare of the salmon above all else

Our salmon are entirely hand reared, which means that people — not just machines or cameras — are on the water every day to feed and observe the fish.

Our salmon are certified Freedom Food, a rigorous animal welfare standard of the RSPCA.

Every Wester Ross whole fish and fillets is tagged as coming from our farm and carries a unique, sequential number.

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