FAO27 exports salmon on behalf of Wester Ross Salmon to our key markets

Wester Ross is responsible for their salmon’s entire life-cycle, from smolt to processing:

Smolts – our smolts are currently in our Corry site, South of Ullapool where they are hand fed and looked after by our farmers. They cohabitate with the cleaner fish, such as the local wrasse.

Growth in Sea Water – When ready, the small salmon are moved to the Ardmair seawater site, where they will stay until maturity, always under the supervision of the farmers. They will continue to cohabitate with local wrasse : a very effective and natural way to control sea lice.

Wester Ross salmon are fed a responsibly sourced diet and a high quality sustainable fishmeal, developed specifically for Wester Ross. The welfare of the salmon is critical, that is why the farmers will operate “feed blowers” to satisfy the demanding appetite of our fish when required.

Careful Harvest – careful humane harvesting methods in accordance with RSPCA Freedom Foods guidelines avoid stress to the fish and ensure the best quality salmon.

Wester Ross whole fish and fillets are tagged with the farm name for full traceability – each with a unique, sequential number. This tag ensures that you are purchasing our salmon, reared under rigorous husbandry, environmental and welfare commitments that Wester Ross is known for.

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