FAO27 exports salmon on behalf of Wester Ross Salmon to our key markets

Wester Ross is responsible for their salmon’s entire life-cycle, all the way from egg to processing:

Ova to Alevin to Fry – the fry are nurtured at the Elphin Freshwater Site in water from the hills until they are ready to smolt.

Fry to Parr – at smoltation the salmon are moved to be stocked in either one of two seawater sites.

Growth in Sea Water – the salmon spend the rest of their time at the Ardessie Seawater Site, where once the fish have been graded, the smaller fish are moved to grow to selling weight.

All Wester Ross salmon are hand fed a responsibly sourced diet and a high quality sustainable fishmeal, developed specifically for Wester Ross. The welfare of the salmon is critical, that is why each and every salmon is entirely hand reared.

Careful Harvest – careful humane harvesting methods in accordance with RSPCA Freedom Foods guidelines avoid stress to the fish and ensure the best quality salmon.

Processing – salmon are cleaned and filleted by hand to customer specifications at the processing facility in Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands. Despatch from the processing plant is within 24 hours of harvest.

Salmon is available year round and is supplied in as consistent sizing as possible; Wester Ross strives to produce 4 to 7kg sized fish for the first part of the year and 3 to 5kg sized fish in the second part of the year.

All Wester Ross whole fish and fillets are tagged – each with a unique, sequential number. This tag ensures that all purchase adhere to the rigorous husbandry, environmental and community commitments that Wester Ross is known for.

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