Portsoy’s finest now available across Europe

One of the North East of Scotland’s most renowned products is now available across Europe.

Hot Smoked Scottish Salmon from Portsoy is being supplied to outlets across Europe for the first time as a result of a partnership between long established company Gourmets Choice Ltd and seafood export experts FAO27.

Trading under the Sutherlands of Portsoy brand, Gourmets Choice has been smoking Scottish Salmon for over 100 years and the firm is owned by the fourth generation of the Sutherland family. The company exports its smoked salmon and other smoked fish to markets in the Middle East but has been looking to expand its business across Europe.

Relatively unknown in Europe until now Hot Smoked Scottish Salmon is now being sold direct to fishmongers and retailers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Luxembourg after Gourmets Choice Ltd joined forces with Highland based export firm FAO27.

Named after the grid reference for the North Sea fishing sector and standing for Freshness and Origin, 27 for Traceability, FAO27 operates as the sales export department for a number of local small scale seafood processors and fishing boats and sells whitefish, shellfish and farmed salmon from the North of Scotland to retailers, wholesalers, large fishmongers and independent stores across Europe.

Earlier this year FAO27 arranged a visit to Scotland by a French retail buyer who was so impressed with Gourmet’s Choice and their Sutherlands of Portsoy Hot Smoked Scottish Salmon that the decision was made to roll out the product across Europe. New packaging has been developed for the European market and the first consignment was shipped from Aberdeen to France at the end of November.

Maurice Sutherland, Managing Director of Gourmets Choice Ltd said: The response from the customers of FAO27 is extremely encouraging. I am delighted with the orders received and look forward to developing further sales of Sutherland of Portsoy branded seafood products.

Anne Moseley, Managing Director of FAO27, said: “Our second consignment of Gourmet’s Choice smoked fish arrived in France last week and went straight to outlets across the country. Top quality products like this are in high demand across Europe and we are confident that exposure to new markets will raise the profile and sales of this prestigious brand.”